Resources and links

The UKRI-funded ‘Improving Fair and Equitable Research Partnerships’ project involved the review and synthesis of existing principles for research partnerships. A summary of the resources is available here.

 Developed from the ESRC seminar series the Rethinking Research Partnerships Discussion Guide and Toolkit is available here.

Aniekwe, C.C., Hayman, R. and Mdee, A. (2012) Academic-NGO Collaboration in International Development Research: a reflection on the issues. Working Paper September 2012. Development Studies association.

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Ávalos, I., Cervilla , M. A., Mercado, A., Sánchez-Rose, I., Sonsiré López , M., Vessuri, H., (2020). Strategies for rebuilding research capacities in Venezuela, IDRC GDN,

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Bryan, D., Dunleavy, K. ,Facer, K., Forsdyck, C., Malek, M., Salt, K., (2018) Common Cause Research: Building Research Collaborations Between Universities and Black and Minority Ethnic Communities, Arts & Humanities Research Council/Connected Communities Programme (144 pages)

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Cornish, H, Fransman, J and Newman, K. Rethinking Research Partnerships Discussion Guide and Toolkit,  London: available here  

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ELRHA (2012) Guide to constructing effective partnerships.

ESRC (2013) ‘Creating effective partnerships with civil society organisations’. Evidence Briefing. February 2013. URL:
http://www ty%20organisations_tcm8-25285.pdf

Eyben, R. et al. (Sept 2013) The Politics of Evidence. Big Push Forward: Conference Report: available here

Facer, K., Manners, P., Agusita, E (2012) Towards a Knowledge Base for University-Public Engagement: sharing knowledge, building insight, taking action, NCCPE: Bristol: available here

Facer K and Enright B (2016) Creating Living Knowledge: collaboration, interdisciplinarity and the participatory turn, Arts & Humanities Research Council/Connected Communities Programme (130 pages)

And see also the Policy Press Connected Communities Series:

Fransman, J. (2013) ‘Enacting ‘Digital Literacy’ through Research: Ontological politics in a study on scholarly uses of Twitter’ in Goodfellow, R. and Lea, M (eds.) (2013) Literacy in the Digital University, London: Routledge

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Fransman, J., Hall, B., Hayman, R., Narayanan, P., Newman, K. and Tandon, R., 2021. Beyond partnerships: embracing complexity to understand and improve research collaboration for global development. Canadian Journal of Development Studies/Revue canadienne d’études du développement, pp.1-21.

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Hanley, T. and I. Vogel (2012) Effective Academic-Humanitarian Collaboration, A practical resource to support academic and humanitarian organisations working together, Enhanced Learning and Research for Humanitarian Assistance (ELRHA), London.

Harle, J (2020) (In)equitable knowledge systems: before, during and beyond a pandemic. INASP. URL:

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Yanacopulos, H. (2005) ‘The strategies that bind. NGO coalitions and their influence’. Global Networks – A Journal of Transnational Affairs, Vol. 5, No. 1


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