Our emerging network includes participants from over 20 UK-based universities and INGOs as well as a number of broker and training organisations, policy-makers and funders. If you are interested in joining this network, please contact Jude Fransman (

List of Participants

David Archer (ActionAid International)

Carlos Barahona (University of Reading)

Nathanael Bevan (DFID)

Kate Bingley (Christian Aid)

Isolde Birdthistle (London School of Health and Tropical Medicine)

Kimberly Bowman (Oxfam)

Alison Buckler (Open University)

Danny Burns (Institute of Development Studies)

Chris Brown (UCL Institute of Education)

Ann Canavan (International Medical Corps, US)

Christian Carlbaum (SIPU, Sweden)

Kate Carroll (ActionAid International)

Andrew Clenaghan (Practical Action)

Chik Collins (University of the West of Scotland)

Hannah Cook (University of Edinburgh)

Flora Cornish (London School of Economics)

Angela Crack (University of Portsmouth)

Jamie Cross (University of Edinburgh)

Catriona Dejean (Tearfund)

Nimesh Dhungana (London School of Economics)

Rachel Eager (Save the Children)

Rosalind Eyben (Institute of Development Studies)

Rebecca Firestone (Population Services International)

Ed Francis (Restless Development)

Jude Fransman (Open University)

Alex Frediani (UCL)

John Gaventa (Institute of Development Studies)

Kate Gooding (University of Leeds)

Duncan Green (Oxfam)

Jessica Greenhalf (BOND/Restless Development)

Rachel Hayman (International NGO Training and Research Centre)

Jade Vu Henry (UCL Institute of Education)

Jo Heslop (UCL Institute of Education)

Frances Hill (Development Studies Association/ELRHA)

Jon Hopkins (International Planned Parenthood Federation)

Charles Knox-Vydmanov (Help Age International)

David Lewis (London School of Economics)

Shelly Makleff (International Planned Parenthood Federation, Netherlands)

Paul Manners (National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement)

Sam Mardell (London International Development Centre)

Susannah Mayhew (London School of Health and Tropical Medicine)

Alison McKinley (International Planned Parenthood Federation)

Sarah Mistry (BOND)

Diana Mitlin (University of Manchester)

Giles Mohan (Open University)

Cristian Montenegro (London School of Economics)

Lucy Morris (EveryChild)

Helen Murray (Open Society Institute)

Kate Newman (Christian Aid)

Kirsty Newman (DFID)

Amy North (UCL Institute of Education)

Olivia Nuccio (Marie Stopes International)

Andy Pask (Cord)

Jethro Pettit (Institute of Development Studies)

Amelia Reese-Masterson (International Medical Corps)

Jill Russell (International HIV/AIDS Alliance)

Purna Shrestha (Voluntary Service Oversees)

Anuprita Shukla (Glasgow Caledonian University)

Cathy Shutt (Institute of Development Studies)

David Skinner (Save the Children)

Erla Thrandardottir (City University, London)

Katie Turner (Voluntary Service Oversees)

Elaine Unterhalter (UCL Institute of Education)

Julian Walker (UCL)

Martin Walsh (Oxfam)

Niall Winters (Oxford University)

Helen Yanacopulos (Open University)




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