Seminar 1: Context-Setting

Thursday 26th February 2015

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church (London)


The seminar report for this seminar is available here


The first seminar in our series takes the form of a ‘context-setting’ event. The aims of this seminar are:

  • To introduce the seminar series and some of the case study partnerships that we will be examining
  • To draw on previous work and experiences from a variety of actors to introduce a range of perspectives/positions/ideas about research partnerships
  • To use this background to develop a way of thinking through partnerships which will guide the remainder of the series

The agenda for the seminar is available here

In order to maximise time for collaborative discussion we are keen to avoid a series of individual presentations on the day. At the same time, we would like to respond to and build on participants’  prior experiences and work in this area. All participants are therefore invited to contribute their positions and summarise the key findings from existing work in the following ways:

  • By responding to a brief survey which we will inform the event
  • By contributing a short 1-2 side position paper/thought-piece/summary of relevant projects or visualisation

The survey is open to all participants as well as those interested but unable to attend the seminar. It will remain open until the 25th February 215 and can be accessed at the following link:

An initial analysis of the survey responses is available here.

Contributions from participants can be accessed here.

And some background to the case studies is available here.


LIDC (London)

Following the context-setting seminar, the core team will meet for a half-day workshop to discuss ‘ways of working’ over the four subsequent ‘core’ seminars. The core group is restricted to a smaller number of participants who will be presenting partnership case studies and are committed to attending the full seminar series. This is to build up trust and create a safe enabling environment for critical reflection on experiences in partnerships – which can be sensitive and personal. Summaries of discussions will be available on this website and external participants will  be invited to input into the seminars via the website, blog and twitter feed.

If you are interested in joining the core group please contact Jude Fransman (

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