Seminar 1: Participant contributions

To inform the first (context-setting) seminar and the broader framings of the seminar series, we are inviting participants to submit contributions based on their own experiences/perspectives.

  • Contributions can take one of two forms: 
    • ‘position papers’/’think pieces’ giving either an organisation’s or individual’s perspective on research partnerships (and ideally focusing on the role of evidence and/or the politics of participation within them)
    • Case studies of a specific research partnership including background to the project, the nature of the partnership (how long it ran/has run for, what its focus is, who is involved and in what ways etc.) and any key issues in terms of participation and how knowledge/evidence has been perceived in the partnership – i.e. what worked, key challenges and general reflections on the process to date
  • Contributions should be short (1-2 sides max) and don’t have to be written. Participants might produce a powerpoint slide, poster/visualisation/hand-drawn sketches or multimedia texts. We will display the contributions in a market-place session at the first seminar where participants will have the opportunity to discuss them.

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