Seminar 5

9th June 2016: Christian Aid (London)

The last of the four ‘core seminars’ focused on how research is communicated within partnerships. We started the day by thinking about the meaning of communication (and particularly the dual issues of representation and dissemination), how it relates to our broader framework for analysing research partnerships, and what it means for the issue of evidence. We then heard the presentation from our final partnership case study and discussed it in relation to our broader experiences, guided by our evolving framework. In the afternoon, we focused on the issue of communicating our learning from the seminar series itself. After discussing the aims, content, audience and forms of communication we focused on developing the two primary outputs from the series: a resource pack (discussion guide) and a conference. We concluded the day by defining next steps for this final communication phase.

A report of the seminar is available here: seminar-5-report

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