Case Studies

The bulk of the seminar series will focus on in-depth analysis of a selection of Case Studies of research partnerships. We will trace these partnerships through the processes of i) establishing partnerships (negotiating agendas, making connections and securing funding); ii) designing research (developing conceptual and methodological frameworks); iii) implementing research (collecting and analysing data); and iv) representing and disseminating research.

To date, the Case Studies include:

ActionAid International and UCL Institute of Education

Case Study Presentation 

International HIV/AIDS Alliance and London School of Economics

Alliance LSE partnership – Case study outline

Institute of Development Studies and SIPU, Sweden

Case Study Poster 

Case Study Text

International Medical Corps and Columbia/John Hopkins Universities

Case Study Text

International Planned Parenthood Federation and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Case Study Poster

INTRAC’s Action Research projects in North Africa and the Middle East

Case Study Text

Practical Action and UCL (Faculty of the Built Environment)

University of the West of Scotland and Oxfam

UWS Oxfam Partnership WEBSITE

Voluntary Service Oversees and Institute of Development Studies

If you have a Case Study of a research partnership that you would be interested in contributing to the seminar series, please contact Jude Fransman (

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